Creative Ways to Teach your Toddler their ABC’s

by Elle McCann

Is your little one ready to learn their alphabet? Learning ABC's is foundational for reading and writing. Some children develop pre-reading skills very quickly, for some the basic method of learning the alphabet just doesn’t cut it.  This blog is jam-packed with ideas to help you teach the alphabet to your little ones. 


Cocomelon for Helping Kids Learn their ABCs

Sing songs

Tunes are catchy, and not to forget fun! This tried and tested method has worked for many years to make toddlers learn their ABCs. Sing the alphabet song to your toddler or simply search YouTube for alphabet songs. Cocomelon and Super Simple Songs have some amazing and attention-grabbing songs that your toddler will surely love. You can sing along and point to the letters helping them to recognize the letter name.



Read alphabet books to your toddler. it’s best if you start when they’re young. Learning mode is permanently on, those little ears and eyes are watching and observing everything you do and they will often mimic and repeat what you do. Books with large letters and cute illustrations are best for tracking your toddler’s alphabet. This ABC baking book is sure to help your toddler with letter learning.


Wolf Pup Creative Baking ABCs Book


ABC Toys

There are so many toys that engage children and help them learn their ABC’s. Try finding toys where children can look at the letters, physically touch them, and hear you say the name of the letter. When children are exposed to educational toys like magnetic letters, foam letters, or ABC puzzles they learn best.


Kids ABC Wooden Game


Learning through games

Some kids are good at learning whereas some need more repetition and time to learn their ABCs. Most children memorize things quickly when they have multisensory experiences. Incorporating sensory play into learning alphabet letters is a great way for children to indulge in fun activities with repeated exposure such as:
  • Help your toddler form letters using modeling clay or playdoh
  • Create fuzzy little letters using pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are easy to manipulate to form the letters your child is working on.
  • Squirt some shaving cream in a bathtub or a smooth surface to create a fun writing space. Guide your toddler to practice writing letters using their fingers.


Printable worksheets

Worksheets are great a source to help children learn their ABC's and teach them what each letter looks like. There are plenty of worksheets available online for beginners that can be printed.

Pro Tip: laminate them and use a board marker to make a wipe n clean book of your own.


ABC Cookie Cutters


Learning through food

Bring ABCs to the table with alphabet munchies. Many companies have developed some fun alphabet food such as alphabet cereal, pasta, and crackers. You can even buy ABC cookie cutters from most home-good stores. Use ideas from this ABC baking book and get your child involved in the whole process.

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