How to Fit Reading in on Vacation

by Elle McCann

Vacations mean an added responsibility on you as a parent because now your child is fulfilled and happy with tons of time of playful energy stored in him, thrilled to exfoliate.

You sense a new ray of jumpy and excitement within your child which is ideal because even we never liked going to school in our early days (and no one ever minds a vacation right?) however their mental and productive well-being is as equally important.

Keeping that in mind, one must ensure that their child stays intellectually sharp and prompt in their early development days which is why keeping them indulged in certain activities is always beneficiary.

With that being said, what better practice than reading itself? Truly, reading would enhance your child’s knowledge, expand their imagination and provide them with something to think of. In this piece, we will guide you as to how you can fit reading in on vacation!


Ignite their interest

To encourage reading you will have to ignite and flare up your child’s interest. This is not limited to reading but to get them flowing in any activity you will have to raise passion. Start by implying how fun it can get, read with them by using different tones of voice to catch their attention and frame a comical and pleasant scene. You can let them on the benefits of reading such as telling them how reading will sharpen their mind and make them smart!


Give your child the freedom to select his books
While you may want them to read the best sellers and the most influential books, it is important in the early stages when they are still developing interest that you provide them the freedom to pick their books.

Books are no different than toys for children. Your child will be more interested in reading a book handpicked by himself.


Create a daily reading routine

Forming a reading routine is very essential, especially during vacations. In your child’s early development years, creating routine-based habits where occurrence becomes a natural part of life is very important which is why a reading time should be determined. It could be any time of the day, preferably twice a day in the evening and before bedtime. Reading story books to them is very helpful as it will create a sense of curiosity which will only influence them to continue further.


Support their reading

There are a couple of tips you should keep in mind if you want their reading habit to stay consistent.

- Gifting books before vacation is a great way to surprise them and encourage further interest.

- Visits to the local library are a great mood booster. The environment of the library will only make your child feel fit in.

- Read together with them, on the road, in the evening, or before bedtime.  If they see your interest revamp as well, it will only inspire them further to read more.

- Getting a bookshelf for your child’s room as a reading environment is very important. A backpack full of books during traveling will also enhance the reading vibe.

- Set reading targets such as reading 5 pages a day. Setting targets will strengthen their reading habits.

Reading during vacations can provide a new routine and stability as well as a wonderful experience for your child.

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