How to Have a Successful Trip to the Library

by Elle McCann

Visiting the library with your little one is a multisensory practice to encourage a love of books and reading. From the feel of a book in their hands, and the visual interest of big colorful illustrations, to the beautiful scent of the pages, and the exciting feeling of getting a new book every time is designed to tickle a growing mind. 

You can borrow wonderful children's books from your local library and it won’t cost you anything.  If you are starting out using the library for the first time with a child, here are some amazing tips to unlock the hidden magic of libraries.


Get your child their library card

To a young one, there is a whole new world full of magic on those shelves, waiting to be revealed. Your child can turn into a rocket and fly to the sky, or become a master patisserie chef with a reference book about baking. Getting your child their library card can make a huge difference in how they view the library. With a library card, your kiddo would love to take the stack of their handpicked books and check them out. Giving them a feeling of ownership and responsibility.




Explore the library

Most libraries have a special corner for young ones complete with Lego play, board games, puzzles, and quiet games. Allow your little one to discover and hang out, play with the toys, explore a few chunky board books to explore right there and some books to take home, and meet a new friend when they can.


Find storytimes

People who do storytimes at the library have specialized learning in childhood education and brain development, plus little ones adore hearing stories so it’s a win-win.

Another fun benefit: your child may meet some other little library mates to befriend.



Put books on hold ahead of time

How can one find good books at the library ahead of time? Sometimes it is difficult to hunt down books. Most libraries have an online system where you can place a hold of books you’re interested in. It is also a wonderful option if your child is someone who doesn’t enjoy browsing through stacks of books. Online booking assures you will be able to pick up at least a handful of books your child likes every week. 


Don’t forget to teach your child how to treat library books

You should teach your child not to harm or disrespect books. Teach your eager reader the proper way of handling books from the very beginning.. no touching with dirty hands, no ripping out pages, no bending, and no scribbling. Young ones should be taught the importance of protecting books so that they can be passed on to other people to read again and again.

You are now all set and ready to head to the library with your little darling. Share some of their favorite books with us. If you are looking for some fun-to-read toddler books, check out our latest books.

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