Reading Poetry to Your Child

by Elle McCann

Poetry is inspiring! Poetry is everywhere! Learn why poetry is important for children.

We know that reading a book is very important for the development of children but did you know that incorporating poetry during reading is equally important?

Poetry has a way of charming and appealing little ones, from much-loved nursery rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star ‘ and ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ to modern takes such as ‘Wheels on the bus and ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ will excite even the most reluctant of listeners and readers because poetry creates passageways in a Child’s brain. Including poetry during reading time helps children develop communication and pre-reading skills.

Poetry is often read aloud and repeated often, when children listen to poetry, they are building their listening skills.  They learn to understand and memorize the words they hear and think about what meaning those words form.

Below we have listed 6 important reasons why parents should include poetry in their reading time:


Great for literacy skills

Poetry contains words that rhyme. Sounds and rhythms are emphasized in poems which can teach children about phonics and sound recognition. Poetry can also help teach grammar skills along with parts of speech.


Helps in creative thinking

 A writer once said” poetry isn’t a hiding place. It is a finding place.” Poetry inspires imaginations to run wild in young ones. It is also a form of expression that helps us connect and find the meaning of different experiences. Poetry can also shape and inspire playtime. 


Helps in social and emotional learning

Including poetry during reading may have a positive impact on the social and emotional learning of young minds. There are so many things children can’t express but with the help of poetry, they can connect the dots. Poetry that talks above friendship, love, feelings, and overcoming emotions can inspire children to discuss their feelings more openly.


Kids Poetry


Helps in brain power

Poetry helps children develop their brain power and memory. That is why you often see little ones humming out a nursery rhyme before they can speak properly. Once they reach an age where they can dissect poems, they will be exposed to new words and sentences which will make them understand the versatility of language and how it helps in conveying a message.


Poetry can make children connect and bond

Reading is a wonderful bonding activity between children and their parents or caregivers. Including poetry in reading time can further enrich the experience as you discuss different themes and topics together. 


Poetry can motivate children to read

If you have a child who is struggling to stay focused during storytelling, try poetry. Kids usually find joy in reciting nursery rhymes and poetry because it feels less daunting as opposed to reading a book that is long and complex. Poetry will motivate them to read by enhancing important literacy skills.

Poetry is a wonderful way to kindle the development of many important skills. So choose a favorite poetry book with your child, or host a poetry reading event at home and recite poetry together with young learners.

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