The Best Toddler Books for Summer

by Elle McCann

With the summer sun covering everything in its magical glow, it’s time to turn to a book that fits the season. Now while books are great and interesting, most little ones often find the lure of drippy popsicles melting down their hands or the lure of sprinklers cooling them with wet sprinkles supersede the lure of reading. Nature-drenched, super-interesting books are exactly what a toddler needs to keep their sunscreen-covered noses in a book. Here is how you can keep your toddler engaged with summer-themed books to keep them engaged in reading. 


Find a special reading spot

Entice your little one with a cozy place they can only use during reading. A teepee tent or a hammock in the backyard or the porch where the sun shines brightly or a fort in the garden with spare sheets are wonderful nooks you can retreat to with them to get lost in a good summer book! 


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Set a time for reading

Consistency is key, especially for squirmy toddlers that are not naturally motivated to sit at one place and enjoy reading time. For example, every day in the evening, read to them. Start with 5 minutes and gradually increase the time. You can even keep an incentive pad to check off each day. 


Provide a variety

There are so many great summer books for toddlers to fill your shelves with. Foster a love of reading with books that have engaging illustrations.


Create an atmosphere

Try using ways to make the entire reading experience a lot more exciting for your little reader. For example, a flashlight to explore books before bed can help a child get eager to dive into a book. 


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Make a journal

Make a journal related to the book you’re reading. For  example, if your toddler loves reading about animals continue the fun this summer! Take a trip to the zoo. While you are there, take pictures of all the animals present in the book and stick the pictures in the journal. It is an amazing way for your toddler to have fun while learning at the same time. 


Set up a reading club

Reading communities give young ones a chance to socialize plus reading with friends is so much fun. 

Join a book sharing club

Create a book sharing group with your toddler's playmates, friends, or family 


Read a variety of books

One joy of summer reading is that there is a FUN factor involved. Explore different genres with your toddlers such as rhymes, cooking and baking books, chapter books, board books, and text types. Reading a variety of books helps develop a growing child’s vocabulary and also inspires a lifelong love for reading.

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